Historic site and monument ,  Castle at Montgeard

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  • Montgeard Castle is in fact a private dwelling built during the Renaissance for Guillaume Durand, a rich pastel merchant.

    In 1555, Guillaume Durand bought the rights of Lordship for Montgeard from Catherine of Medici, and to complement his Lordship, he had the beautiful mansion built to show off his new status. The Durand family continued to reside in Montgeard until 1850. The castle then became a quarry for bricks and stones. However , there are some beautiful historical remains inside: an impressionable vaulted cellar, magnificient fireplaces and in particular a mural made from an engraving by Jacques Callot of the Temptation of Saint Anthony. Visits can be made any day of the week , but you must have a rendez-vous.
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