Historic site and monument ,  Church at Buzet-sur-Tarn

Eglise-de-BUZET SUR TARNOffice de Tourisme Val'Aïgo
Eglise-de-BUZET SUR TARNOffice de Tourisme Val'Aïgo
  • The first church existed from the end of the 12th century, probably consolidated, expanded by Raymond VII in the middle of the 13th century, before being partially destroyed by 16th century wars, and subsequently rebuilt around the original watchtower.

    The façade in Toulouse brick is embellished with sixty-two putlock holes. The watchtower, which has traces of arquebus fire on the sides, has walls three meters thick.
    The bell has a “fenestral” look (with “small openings” in architectural terms). It is octagonal with three multi-hole levels. It rises eighteen metres high, totalling forty-three metres with the steeple and the bell tower.
    This architecture is reminiscent of that of the Saint-Sernin de Toulouse Basilica constructed during the 12th century, to the point that some refer to the Buzet Church as the “little Saint-Sernin”. The building complex appears to be massive, and of Gothic style.