Historic site and monument ,  Not rated ,  Mansion house at Toulouse

hotel de bole 1 TOULOUSEscostantini
hotel de bole 2 TOULOUSEscostantini
hotel de bole 3 TOULOUSEscostantini
  • XVI th century. Brick façade with wood muntin divided windows; in the courtyard, the Pierre Siguy octagonal Gothic Tower (15th Century.) and its corbelled turret containing a stone stairway lit by seven windows with their outer rain-spouts curved downwards, two lantern niches are still visible, the door has an ogee arch flanked by pinnacles. Found today in the tower, La Corde Restaurant, serving food since 1881, now of gastronomic repute.
  • Access
    • Metro / Tram  :  Capitole at 0 m
  • Environment
    • Near a river or waterway  :  La Garonne
    • On the pilgrimage trail "Santiago de Compostela at Arles"
    • On the "Via Garona" at 250 m