Lake and artificial lake ,  Tennis at Barbazan

  • A very pleasant place to spend a moment of relaxation as a family! Various activities are available for you and its legend increases the attraction of this small unusual lake. Fishing is authorised for those who have a fishing permit. However swimming is forbidden.

    This lake originated with the glaciers and is linked with a mysterious legend: Saint Peter and Jesus while travelling in the area and dressed like the poor went to ask for hospitality from the inhabitants of Barbazan village. Rejected by the villagers but welcomed to shelter outside the village by a couple of only modest means, they punished the village for their inhospitality. Saint Pierre and Jesus opened up the earth where water gushed out to flood the village and gave birth to the Barbazan Lake. Other than this legend and the fact that the sources of the water feeding the lake are unknown, the Barbazan Lake is a rare example of a glacier lake at this altitude (450metres).
  • Access
    • Motorway  :  A64 sortie n°17 at 10 km
  • Services
    • Animals accepted
    • Authorized fishing